An exciting new option at New Life Carpet & Furniture Cleaning is our “Stay Beautiful Program”

The Stay Beautiful Program lets you maintain clean and healthy carpets all year with two cleanings for about the price of one annual cleaning. Here’s how it works:

1. We perform a second cleaning 6 months after the full initial cleaning. The six month cleaning does not include any furniture moving (except dining room chairs and under table cleaning). It focuses mainly on the traffic lanes. Then about 12 months from your initial cleaning, once again for no “out of pocket” lump sum, we again perform a full cleaning.

2. Payment & Investment – You pay the full balance of the first initial cleaning. Following that initial invoice, your monthly investment will be 10% of the total invoice for the remainder of the year. Example: If the initial cleaning invoice is $200.00, your ongoing investment will be $20.00 per month. You never again have to pay a lump sum invoice! As you can see, for about the same price of a yearly cleaning you will receive two cleanings instead of one!

3. Our office will call you a few weeks in advance of your scheduled cleaning to confirm You never have to “remember” the last time your carpets were cleaned!!


The benefits to you as a client are:

Greatly Improved Appearance Level- Rather than waiting until you can’t stand your carpets due to filth and general ugliness, ask about our Stay Beautiful Program. Let your home sparkle ALL the time!

Carpeting Wears Longer- Since fiber-cutting grit is removed on a regular basis, your carpets will last longer and look better.

Pre-scheduled Maintenance- You have a hectic schedule, and many things to think about. The Stay Beautiful Program just plain makes your life easier.

Excellent Value- The Stay Beautiful Program saves money, and your carpets look great. ALL the time.


Other Stay Beautiful Features:

FREE Carpet Spotter & FREE Lifetime refill specials available only to our “Stay Beautiful” Clients.

And most importantly, brighter, fresher, cleaner, healthier carpets ALWAYS!


If you have any questions regarding the “Stay Beautiful” program or any other services, please call at (605) 717-3022 or 1-877-251-3132 or EMAIL US.